23 More Reasons Why Men and Women Alike Should Fight Abortion

Without the right to life, no other right has any meaning at all.

A speaker addresses the March for Life in Washington, Jan. 22, 2014.
A speaker addresses the March for Life in Washington, Jan. 22, 2014. (photo: Jeffrey Bruno/CNA)

Following Part One of this two-part series, here are 23 more reasons why men and women alike should be allowed to voice an opinion about abortion:

1. Do extremist feminists allow other people to think for themselves? Do other people make choices for them? In that case, men don’t need or want feminists to make choices for them.

2. If it’s true that no man can force a woman to not be a mother, then it follows that no woman has the right to stop a man from being a father.

3. Human beings are the result of two individuals ― a man and a woman ― who have engaged in sexual intercourse. There was a man intimately present at all children’s conception. In fact, the child could not have been conceived without a man. Therefore, men have a right in questions regarding a child’s life.

4. In reality, radical feminists value men’s opinions as long as those men agree with them. It’s illogical and selfish to insist that only men who agree with them should be allowed to vote on questions of abortion.

5. If extremist feminists didn’t believe men should have a vote as to whether or not abortion is acceptable, they should stop quoting statistics as to how Americans ― all Americans, including men ― believe about the subject.

6. Not allowing men a say in abortion is a radical feminist tactic to infantilize men to make them not take sexual and emotional responsibility for themselves. Men must be allowed to make up their own mind as to the morality of abortion even if it opposes a feminist’s opinion.

7. Feminists can’t complain that men are uncaring and disrespectful of women’s safety and health and insist that they not express an opinion about situations involving a woman’s safety and health. Otherwise, these men are reduced to mere sperm donors who treat women as nothing more than sex objects. And, if men are meant to be used as sperm donors, they have the right to decide the ultimate outcome of what their sperm is used for.

8. It’s part of the radical feminist agenda to demonize men and claim victimhood in questions of abortion. However, according to the 2018 Gallup “Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life” Poll, 47% of American women consider themselves “pro-life.” On learning this statistic, perhaps feminists will soon alter the above rhetoric to read, “No one ― male or female ― who disagrees with abortion should have a say in the matter.”

9. If, as extremist feminists insist, that all opinions are valid and valuable, why would a man’s opinion be different?

10. In the same vein, if a woman believed herself to be man, radical feminists would respect her opinion and insist she was right. It follows that if that very same woman was pro-life, then her opinion must be absolutely correct…even if she is now a he.

11. Without the right to life, no other right has any meaning at all. The right to vote, bodily autonomy and free travel mean nothing if another individual has the right to kill an innocent person on a whim. Frankly, our nation’s laws prohibit us from killing in any situation other than to save our own lives. Why should abortion be treated any different?

12. Extremist feminists hate men so much that they will allow the outright murder of unborn boys. Science, Catholic doctrine, logic and stark reality tell us that unborn humans are human. A bit more than half ― about 53% of unborn babies are male. This is gendercide and androcide and cannot be allowed under any circumstances. Men must be given the right to vote against such murderous, sexist tyranny. Feminists have no right to decide on life or death decisions on those men.

13. Are Christian men not their brothers’ ― and sisters’ ― keepers? If so, they have a right to vote on what kind of society in which they live.

14. A woman’s bodily autonomy refers only to her body and not the other body within her. More than half of conceived children are boys and though extremist feminists insist that unborn girls don’t have rights, the unborn boys absolutely have the right to their own male bodies.

15. With accepting the genderist theory that women are only women because they’re socially programmed to “think” they are,” it follows that there is a significant number of men in women’s bodies and vice versa. If such is the case, what does it matter if a biological male or biological female votes one way or another on the abortion issue?

16. All women who identify as men should be restricted from expressing their opinion as to abortion. Anything else would be “misgendering” and highly discriminatory against these people.

17. If abortion is none of a man’s business, then how and why men spend their money is also not a women’s business. Thus, no more public-funded abortions.

18. If, as some radical feminists, including Lindy West, Amelia Bonow, Kimberly Morrison and Margaret Cho, Planned Parenthood's executive vice present, Dawn Laguens, insist, there is nothing shameful or “un-fun” about abortion and in fact, should be “shouted” and celebrated, it follows that men should be allowed to join the fun by expressing their opinions on the subject.

19. If we were all allowed to do with our bodies as we wished, then suicide prevention hotlines would be categorically unconstitutional. It would be yet another infringement upon my conscience and the virtue of compassion. Thus, bodily autonomy, like the “right to privacy” is a legal fiction and not supported by the U.S. Constitution and men can then vote against it if they will.

20. Feminists can’t demand a more civil and society and allow women to kill their children. Further, if another more logical and compassionate mind, male or female, wished to from a more perfect union, then that man or woman must be allowed to vote in any and all elections about any subject.

21. There is precedent for men not being allowed to vote on women’s autonomy but the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibited slavery has been in effect since 1865. Thus, no extremist feminist can choose which people are allowed to vote or not on any issue.

22. It is sexist and totalitarian to insist that an entire gender not be consulted in any and all aspects of their society. This will not be tolerated in a democracy.

23. If a radical feminist thinks that science is wrong when it says that an unborn human inside a human woman isn’t a human being, they will need the help of scientifically minded, logical men to help them to come to a better understanding of the facts.