Student Taking an Exam
Student Taking an Exam (photo: F1 Digitals / Pixabay / CC0)

Religious Freedom Matters: School Choice Is a Matter of Religious Liberty (Season 2 — Ep. 5)

The year 2021 may very well known as the “Year of the Parent.” Parents are asserting their rights as primary educators to their children — voicing their concerns at school board meetings and flexing their muscles in the voting booth.

On this episode of Religious Freedom Matters we will explore with Nicole Garnett, a noted legal scholar from the Notre Dame Law School, the trend toward greater opportunites for parents to find the right educational fit for their children. Plus, Mike Ortner, a Catholic father with a passion for renewing Catholic education, shares tips from the Catholic School Playbook for strengthening our Catholic schools’ authentically Catholic identity.

Link: The 21 Things Super Successful Catholic Schools Do Differently

Duccio’s ‘Pentecost’ (1308)

Pray the Pentecost Novena

The prayer recalls and invites Catholics to participate in the nine days that the Blessed Virgin Mary and the apostles spent in prayer after Christ ascended into heaven.