In the first weeks of his papacy, the pro-life thoughts of Pope Francis when he was a cardinal have been reported, bolstered by his recent actions. reported that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio said in 2005, "No child should be deprived of the right to be born."

Last year, he also stated, "Abortion is never a solution. … Respect the human being, small and helpless."

Ashley McGuire, in a March 15 column at, wrote, "Pope Francis, meet a generation of young Catholics longing for you. Longing for someone to show us in the most tangible of ways that the Catholic Church defends the most vulnerable among us, be they in their mother’s womb or hungry in the streets. …

"And what could remind people more of Jesus than seeing a man with authority take that authority and … bend down on one knee and wash some feet [in reference to his actions washing the feet of AIDS victims and expectant mothers in his archdiocese]."

Or greet a blind journalist and his service dog, as he did at his meeting with journalists on March 16 (and shown here).

God bless our pro-life Pope!