A look at 39 faithfully Catholic colleges and universities ... and features on the importance of college theater and college care packages. Here is the complete guide.


Aquinas College


The Augustine Institute Theological Master’s Program


Ave Maria University


Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation


Belmont Abbey College


Benedictine College


Campion College Australia


The Catholic Distance University


Catholic Pacific College


The Catholic University of America


Christendom College


College of Saint Mary


DeSales University


Donnelly College


Franciscan University of Steubenville


Holy Apostles College and Seminary


Holy Cross College


Holy Spirit College


Institute for the Psychological Sciences


International Theological Institute – School of Catholic Theology


Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America


John Paul the Great Catholic University


Living Water College of the Arts


Maryvale Institute


Mount St. Mary’s University


Newman College Ireland


Northeast Catholic College


Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy


Sacred Heart Major Seminary


St. Charles Borromeo Seminary


St. Gregory’s University


Saint Vincent College


Thomas Aquinas College

The following comments were added Sept. 21, 2015, online, at the request of the college:

Thomas Aquinas College is a four-year liberal arts college in southern California. We hold with confidence that the human mind is capable of knowing the truth about reality, that living according to the truth is necessary for happiness, and that truth is best comprehended through the harmonious work of faith and reason.

Unique among American colleges and universities, we offer a single academic program that replaces electives, majors and minors. Our comprehensive, fully integrated curriculum includes philosophy, theology, mathematics, laboratory science and the humanities, and it is rooted in the Western, Catholic intellectual tradition. The greatest books in that tradition, both ancient and modern (the Great Books), replace textbooks; rigorous discussions in small tutorials, seminars and laboratories replace lectures. 

The college’s program is a thorough introduction to the arts of enquiry and reasoning and aims at providing students with a broad and integrated vision of the whole of life and learning.

Thomas Aquinas College also fosters a liturgical and sacramental life by which the moral and theological virtues may be nourished and by which students may more fully achieve their primary aim:  making a good beginning on the road to wisdom.


The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts


University of Dallas


University of Mary


University of St. Thomas


Walsh University


Wyoming Catholic College