Hey everyone, Reel Faith is back for the summer! David and I taped the season premiere on Wednesday, and it airs tonight at 8pm! Watch NET live. And check out the latest 60s!

X-Men: Days of Future Past (SDG)

The director who launched the new era of comic-book movies 14 years ago with X-Men is back. (See also my full review.)

Godzilla (SDG)

The latest Hollywood take on the most successful movie monster of all time is a huge hit with audiences and critics…but I’m not feeling the love.

Godzilla (DD)

Want a second opinion on Godzilla?

Million Dollar Arm (SDG)

What happens when an American sports agent goes to the land of cricket, the Taj Mahal and endless traffic jams looking for anyone who can pitch upwards of 80mph?

Mom’s Night Out (DD)

Sean Astin lends star power to a faith-based comedy from the makers of October Baby about moms who can never get away and dads who can’t hold down the fort at home.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (DD)

If for some reason you want to know what a DC Comics fan thinks of the latest Spidey flick, well, here go you. If you want the scoop from a True Believer, read my full review.