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My Picks For Catholic Media Promotion Day

03/16/2011 Comments (1)

Last week I wrote about Catholic Media Promotion Day coming up. Well today is the day. Catholics were encouraged to email, tweet, like, post, blog and share their favorite Catholic media. There is no way I could narrow these down to a “top 3” in each category. I love way too many. But here are some of my favs (in no particular order):

3 Favorite Catholic Blogs

Fr. Barron’s Word On Fire Blog - A master of articulating the faith to contemporary culture.

American Papist (via - A must-follow for any Catholic political junkies.

Mark Shea - For his honest, intelligent commentary.

Favorite Catholic Twitter-ers






3 Favorite Catholic Musicians


Audrey Assad

Jackie Francois

3 Favorite Other Catholic Thingies Online

Catholicism Project - Amazing.

Catholics Come Home - Well done and powerful.

Live Action - Innovative, courageous use of media to protect human life.

We were also encouraged to share our own projects. Here are some of mine:

Fallible Blogma - My personal blog.

flockNote - An amazing communication tool for parishes (bulk emailing, text messaging, registration and more).

Tweet Catholic - The nest of the Catholic Twitter community.

Quote Catholic - An ongoing collection of various Catholic quotes.

And of course I blog here at the National Catholic Register!

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s favorites over on the Catholic Media Promotion Day Facebook page.

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