Many people falsely believe there is some sort of inevitable conflict between their Catholic faith and science. They also buy into a common myth that the Catholic Church has been continually hostile to science throughout history. But any fair assessment will find this to not only be false, but that the Catholic Church has actually contributed to science in endless ways - some of them hugely significant.

In fact, from the very get-go, Christianity was a major force in promoting the idea that the world is intelligible. That it had meaning and made sense. And there was a desire to intimately comprehend creation in a way that brought us into closer communion with the Creator. This was in stark contrast to the pagan world-view at the time.

Anyway, since I’m an engineer and science-loving fella, I’ve always been a big fan of reminding people that true science is a friend to true faith. And that’s why I’m a big fan of the website and podcast - The Catholic Laboratory (i.e.

The Catholic Laboratory website and podcast is dedicated to the numerous Catholic scientists who have opened our minds to new scientific discoveries revealing the beauty and power of God in His creation, and to today’s scientists who continue to put their Catholic faith into practice sometimes at great cost to their careers.

It is our aim to help the world rediscover the rich scientific heritage of the Catholic Church, to understand the Church’s stance towards modern science, and to inspire and give comfort to today’s Catholic scientists who may be struggling to practice their faith whilst pursuing their God-given talent for science.

It’s a very well done podcast. Ian Maxfield is a great host. And I’m always amazed at the excellent information contained in each episode. You even get some jokes mixed in there as well.

Did you know that there are 35 craters on the moon named after Catholic priests? Did you know that the Fathers of Modern Chemistry, Modern Atomic Theory and Mineralogy are all Catholics?

Go have a listen and learn how beautiful the relationship is between science and our Catholic faith.

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