The Catholic New Media Awards are becoming a bigger and bigger event every year. And they are only going to get bigger - and more important.

As more and more Catholics start using new media, recording podcasts, launching blogs and coming up with innovative web services and applications, we need an official way to sort through and celebrate them all! The Catholic New Media Awards help us to do just that.

The CNM Awards (or the CNMs as those of us in the biz like to call them, right?) occur once a year and bring together the best in Catholic new media. They actually used to just be called the “Catholic Blog Awards.” But last year the event was expanded to include all of the emerging new media within the Catholic community.

Categories for awards include Best blog (by a cleric, man, woman, religious, group), best new blog, best written, most entertaining, funniest, best spiritual, most informative and the People’s choice award. This past year they added as many podcast categories, too, along with best news website, best overall website and best social networking site. All Catholic, of course.

My suggestions for additions to this year’s CNMs:

- Best Catholic iPhone App
- Best Catholic Video (like single produced video - separate from video podcast)
- Best Catholic MicroBlog (including Facebook Fan pages, Twitter profiles, etc. - together or in separate cats)

Also, just another neat idea (I think so, anyway). It would be really cool if the Catholic New Media Awards teamed up with the SQPN Catholic New Media Celebration. And we could actually have an award ceremony right there at the CNMC. How cool would that be? And fun. Maybe if enough people suggest the idea to both parties we can make it happen. I’m not sure if it is possible or not. Would just be a lot of fun and would be a really great collaboration for Catholic New Media. We could have little saint’s holding iPods for trophies.

Either way, go check out the Catholic New Media Awards. Support them if you can. They are now taking suggestions for 2010, too. And you can check out the past winners - which is enough great Catholic content to keep you busy for awhile.

Catholics in New Media is a weekly series that posts every Friday highlighting something particularly awesome going on in the Catholic world of new media.