What are the top 10 Reasons to subscribe to the Register?

10. If it’s good enough for every English-speaking Vatican cardinal, it’s good enough for you.

9. Getting a Catholic paper in your mailbox strengthens your family’s Catholic identity.

8. In the slightly paranoid style our direct-mail guy insists on: “Get the news the secular media doesn’t want you to see!”

7. Steven D. Greydanus’ movie reviews and Weekly DVD picks. Weekly Mark Shea and top columnists.

6. Weekly book pick and Weekly TV picks. Weekly Umbert. Weekly Baby Mugs. Weekly travel shrine. Weekly advice columns.

5. We’re the only paper that nearly always quotes the magisterium in news stories, and thus we’re the only paper giving you the real truth.

4. We’re not obsessed with Catholic esoterica.

3. We’re not seething with anger.

2. We’re neither in a defensive crouch nor complacently supine.

1. We’re playing to win.

— Tom Hoopes