Viewer Caveat: ‘Big Hero 6’ Just Lost Its Biggest Hero

Disney+’s new ‘Baymax!’ show supports ‘transgender, gay’ agendas.

The plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, of Disney's animation film "Big Hero 6", is pictured during  a photocall at the 18th Comedy film festival in L'Alpe d'Huez, on January 16, 2015.
The plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, of Disney's animation film "Big Hero 6", is pictured during a photocall at the 18th Comedy film festival in L'Alpe d'Huez, on January 16, 2015. (photo: Jeff Pachoud / Getty)

Big Hero 6 just lost its (literally) biggest hero to the “LGBTQ+” agenda within Disney. 

In the latest Disney+ series, Baymax! the big, beloved, cuddly Baymax is no longer a personal health-care assistant, but a catalyst for Disney’s “LGBTQ+” agenda. 

Big Hero 6, released in 2014, remains a remarkable family-friendly film, telling the powerful story of Hiro Hamada. After Hiro loses his older brother, Tadashi Hamada, in a fire, he slowly learns to heal and overcome this tragic loss — saving his entire city from an evil villain in the process with a team of heroes. 

Early in the film, Hiro discovers Baymax, his brother’s robotic health-care project he never got to launch. Hiro activates Baymax, and even though the two have a rocky start, they eventually become best friends. 

Throughout all of Big Hero 6, Baymax loves each character intentionally and empathetically. He takes care of them and offers hilarious advice in the process. But now, in Baymax! Disney’s resolve to include more “LGBTQ+” characters and themes is evident in Baymax’s assistance and advice. 

For example, in Episode 3, Baymax helps a little girl who experiences her first period. As if Turning Red wasn’t bad enough, Disney has continued to bring back more menstrual references. This time, it’s not only women on their period, but men, too. 

During a school talent show, Baymax finds the girl in an all-gender bathroom. She doesn’t have any period products, so he heads to the pharmacy. Baymax asks another customer which product she recommends. The scene nearly feels like a commercial, with customers left and right adding their 2 cents and recommending certain brands of tampons and pads.

And then a transgender man pops into the scene. He wears a T-shirt with the transgender flag on it, recommending “the pads with wings.” Why has Disney taken upon itself the responsibility of educating youth on these sex-education topics? 

In another episode, Baymax helps a man ask out another man on a date. 

“Your pulse and heartbeat have quickened,” Baymax tells him as he asks the other man out. “Your pituitary gland is secreting hormones.”

In an attempt to teach young children that they can choose whatever gender they would like, Baymax! remains far from kid-friendly. 

At this point, we can almost expect Disney to flood each new show with “LGBTQ+” themes, so if you’re looking for a family Friday night show, look again. 

Each new Disney production continues to fall flat — and, even worse, this agenda is disrupting previous stories that are both wonderful and inspiring. Baymax! is incomparable to Big Hero 6, just like Lightyear is light-years away from Toy Story. Once again, viewers are better off rewatching the original movie rather than the brand-new TV show. 


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