Typical Comments a Single Catholic Hears, Things Every Catholic Should Know About Marriage and More!

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Typical Comments a Single Catholic Hears by Doug Johnson of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Marriage – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

How to Respond to Size-of-Family Smears - Patti Maguire Armstrong, Epic Pew

From San Francisco’s ‘Gay Mecca’ to Healing in Christ – Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report

When Couples Have Mismatched Sexual Desire by Sebastian Mahfood, OP, of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Venerable Traditions and Radical Ideologies – Mitchell Kalpakgian PhD, Truth and Charity Forum

Depression: Down, But Not Out – Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand

13 Reasons Jesus’ Disciples Didn’t Hallucinate After the Resurrection – Peter Kreeft, Strange Notions

Cohabitation: A Couch Is Not a Promise – Siobhan Benitez, Ignitum Today

Practical Lessons from Death’s Defeat – Deacon Michael Bickerstaff, The Integrated Catholic Life™

San Francisco’s 'Prominent' Catholics Publish Letter to Pope Francis Asking to Dismiss Archbishop Cordileone – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Don’t Call Patricia Jannuzzi’s Reinstatement a Victory – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

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President Donald Trump during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa.

President Trump: ‘Faith in God’ Helps Unite Nation

In an apparent reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and months of demonstrations and civil unrest across several U.S. cities over racial justice issues, Trump said that faith was an important support for civil and national unity.