The Brittany Maynard Dignity in Death Debate, Veterans Day and the Body of Christ and Much More!

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The Assisted Suicide in Oregon of Brittany Maynard by Brian Williams of One Peter 5 -

Veterans Day and The Body of Christ - Shaun McAfee, Catholic Exchange

When Randomness Becomes Superstition – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand

Why the Daughters of Saint Paul are Awesome - Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, Pursued by Truth

Dorothy Day Turned Me Into a Film Director - Mary O’Regan, The Path Less Taken

Balancing Love and the Correction by Saint Gregory – Msgr. Charles Pope

How Saint John Paul II Led Dr. Taylor Marshall to The Church – Will Edmonson

Saint John Cantius: The Professor Saint – Paul Radzilowski, The Standard Bearers

The Bible You Don’t Know: The Story of the Septuagint – Stephen Beale, Catholic Exchange

How Your Homeschool Child Can Access Any Workplace – Ginny Seuffert, Seton Magazine

Biretta Woes! Wherein Fr. Z Offers Wisdom – Fr. Z’s Blog

When Textbooks Upheld the Ideals of Our Ancestors – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

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