Gender Ideology’s ‘Completely Mad Attack’ on the Family and Society

German sociologist Gabriele Kuby discusses the dangers of the ideology, which Pope Francis has denounced as being ‘demonic.’

Gabriele Kuby speaks at the Danube Institute in 2014.
Gabriele Kuby speaks at the Danube Institute in 2014. (photo: Wikipedia)

ROME — The modern phenomenon of “gender ideology” denies that human persons are born as men and women and is a “completely mad attack” on society that is restructuring social norms, backed by powerful lobbies.

This is according to German Catholic sociologist Gabriele Kuby, a leading expert who has studied the ideology.

In this Register interview, conducted in May during the Rome Life Forum of pro-life leaders, Kuby warned that the World Health Organization and others are calling for children to be sexualized from the cradle. She said that now is the time to break the civil “peace” — urging the Church to speak forcefully against the destructive claims of gender ideologists and to resist this attack on the family.

Pope Francis has decried gender ideology for seeking to undermine the proper understanding of marriage, as well as human sexuality. He has called it “demonic,” compared it to the educational policies of Adolf Hitler and said it fails to recognize “the order of creation.”

Kuby is author of The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, a book covering how the sexual revolution is leading not only to private lifestyle changes but to a new legal understanding of sexuality and the family. 


What are the challenges regarding gender ideology?

My impression is that this movement has been going on for several decades now, some people are in it for 40-50 years, and somehow it seems to me the devil is always ahead of us. There is a new ideology; you can trace the roots quite far back. It’s the “gender ideology,” which denies that we are born as men and women and that our human developments mean becoming a true man and a true woman and to be complementary to one another, to unite and bring forth life.

So this is attacked at the moment. It’s a completely mad attack that has been going on for more than 20 years. It is everywhere. The whole society is being restructured according to that ideology, from top to bottom and horizontally, in all areas, powered by the big organizations — the U.N., the E.U. and other global organizations.

Because it’s so mad and it’s using language in a deceptive way, people don’t recognize it. This is just now beginning. I’ve been writing about it for 10 years. But, in Germany now, for the last one and a half years, there is critique coming from many different sources; it’s in the open now.


So there’s a backlash now?

Yes, it’s beginning, but, of course, the money’s not on our side, the power’s not on our side, but awareness is growing. And I think the main battlefront for souls is the next generation. As any revolution knows, one must get hold of the next generation. … And the enemies know this, and they’re battling to steal the next generation. How are they doing this? By sexualizing them from the very beginning.


Through sex education in schools?

Well, even in the cradle. Standards of sex education put out by the World Health Organization together with the German Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung [Federal Center for Health Education] say: Inform your child about masturbation from birth to 4. Teach your child about masturbation all through those ages. Then teach them from 4 years on that there are different kinds of sexual orientation and different kinds of family. They teach this through these ages, starting from birth. This is the main battle.


They’re being effectively kind of stolen out of the cradle?

Yes, and if this happens to the next generation, we will have lost this war while we look elsewhere.


Do you see any signs of winning this war yet?

I don’t see signs of winning, no. We are having demonstrations against this now in Germany, but [crowds] of 1,000 or 2,000 [people]. The anti-demonstrators are the same number, and the police are the same number — just for parents going onto the streets and saying: “We do not want our children to be sexualized and taught about homosexuality in the first grade.” We need 1,000 policemen to protect 1,000 parents to say this.

And you know what the anti-demonstrators shout? “Your children will be like us.” That’s what they shout. They realize there are families which they have lost, and they’re threatening them and saying: “We will get your children and make them as we are” — which means broken families, [with] any kind of vile sex life, which makes nobody happy.


What needs to be done?

We have to break the civil “peace” of the culture. They have to see something is going on, that we are not afraid. All this has been going on because there was silence. And the Church is silent. I think it will come back to haunt the Church, like being silent with the Nazis. So much of the Church did not take up the battle, and there was a very severe attack afterwards.

Once this madness is overcome, which it will be at some point, then the Church will be under very strong attack. Why did you not protect the flock? Why did you not protect the children? Why did you not develop your own sex education? Why did you not use your structures, which are everywhere? We are all very apprehensive about what is going on.

Edward Pentin is the Register’s Rome correspondent.