Facts and Fictions About the Resurrection; Admonish the Sinner, a Spiritual Work of Mercy and More!

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Seven Facts and Seven Fictions About the Resurrection by Ryan Mayer of Epic Pew - Big Pulpit

Admonish the Sinner, the First Spiritual Work of Mercy – Monsignor Charles Pope

Goodness to Greatness – Peter Lyons, Catholic Stand

Married Couple Who Raised 10 Children Recognized as Venerable by Pope Francis – Carol Glatz, Catholic Herald Magazine

Reading Dante in 100 Days – Karl Keating, Catholic Answers

Quæritur: Is Saying ‘God Bless You!’ a Blessing? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Pope Francis Gains More than 20 Million Twitter Followers - Catholic Herald Magazine

Quæritur: I Made a Hasty Promise to God, Now What? - Fr. Z’s Blog

The Artist as Eyewitness – Michael Rennier, Deep Down Things

Jesus Christ: Pro Wrestler? – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine

Quæritur: Inviting Children to Stand Around the Altar? Fail! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Robert Frost’s ‘Birches’ – Mitchell Kalpakgian PhD, The Civilized Reader

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