TV Picks 03.31.19

A revert tells her story on EWTN.

(photo: Marina Testino/CNA)

SUNDAY, March 31, 8:30pm

Catholics Come Home

EWTN Host Tom Peterson’s guest, Devin Jones, 36, who left the Church because of the clergy abuse scandals, explains why and how she has returned. Re-airs Monday, 6pm.


SUNDAY, March 31, 9pm

Epic Yellowstone

SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL This installment, “Down the River Wild,” spotlights area wildlife as it follows the 700-mile Yellowstone River. Advisory: scenes of animal predation.


MONDAY, April 1, 4pm

Truth in the Heart

EWTN In this episode, “How to Receive Holy Communion,” Sister Mary Joseph of the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist teaches second-graders the importance of a reverent attitude and demeanor, along with the chief effects of worthy reception of Communion and a proper thanksgiving afterward.


TUESDAY, April 2, 11am

Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Mega Fort

HISTORY This episode’s sites include a fortress in England, underground defenses in Cappadocia, Mayan killer-bee castles, the Roman fortifications at Alesia, and the defenses of Constantinople in the Middle Ages. Advisory: TV-PG.


WEDNESDAY, April 3, 8pm

Nature: Forest of the Lynx

PBS Pygmy owls, woodpeckers and insects are flourishing in Austria’s Kalkalpen National Park, but the reintroduction of lynxes to its forest after 150 years has been the most crucial element in the forest’s regeneration. A 2017 re-air.


FRIDAY, April 5, 5pm

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES This fact-based drama from 1944 re-creates the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, that deflated Japanese morale and boosted Americans’ spirit. Advisory: TV-PG.


SATURDAY, April 6, 5:30pm

The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross

EWTN Theologian Scott Hahn tells Mike Aquilina about his conversion from Presbyterianism and expounds upon the Last Supper and its centrality to Christianity. Re-airs 5am Wednesday.


SATURDAY, April 6, 10pm

Living Right With Dr. Ray

EWTN College students tell Dr. Ray Guarendi about their pro-life work on campus; EWTN President and COO Doug Keck explains how much his son, who has a disability, means to his family; and Father Larry Richards stresses respect. Re-airs 9am Wednesday.


MONDAY-FRIDAY, April 8-12, 5:30pm, 2:30am

Reality Check: The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell

EWTN Father Wade Menezes of the Fathers of Mercy offers reasons for hope as he reminds viewers that we must prepare for our particular judgment upon our death.


WEDNESDAY, April 10, 2pm, 10pm

Father Spitzer’s Universe

EWTN Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer answers viewers’ questions about God, existence, the Church and more. Re-airs midnight Saturday.

Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.