Prolife Victories

Cleft-Palate Abortions?

SUNDAY HERALD, Nov. 2 — Abortion laws could be tightened when the British High Court considers whether doctors broke the law when they aborted an unborn baby at six months because the mother did not want a baby with a cleft lip and palate.

Abortion beyond 24 weeks was made illegal in the United Kingdom in 1990 — unless doctors believe there is a substantial risk that the child would be born “seriously handicapped.” The High Court in London will now be asked to decide whether a cleft lip and palate can be considered a “serious handicap.”

The case was launched after a Cambridge student, who herself underwent corrective surgery for a congenital jaw abnormality, was concerned when she learned that an abortion had taken place after 24 weeks for the sole defect of cleft lip and palate.

Colorado Empowers Parents

DENVER POST, Nov. 3 — Colorado abortionists must notify parents two days before performing an abortion on a minor, according to a new state law that takes effect this month.

Pro-lifers say it will spur communication within families about abortion. Parents should know whether their daughter is getting an abortion, and young women need to get all the facts about the potential emotional scars, said Jim Anderson, a board member for Colorado Right to Life.

But the law also allows a judge to waive the notification requirement if a young woman seeking an abortion can convince a judge that she is mature enough to make the decision or that an abortion is in her best interest.

Pro-Life Political Wins

LIFENEWS.COM, Nov. 5 — Pro-lifers made gains in Kentucky as pro-life Republican Congressman Ernie Fletcher defeated pro-abortion Democratic state Attorney General Ben Chandler in the race for governor. Fletcher easily won with 55%, or 593,508 votes, to Chandler's 45%, or 484,938 votes.

In Mississippi, voters had the option of choosing between two pro-life candidates.

With 84% of precincts reporting, pro-life Republican activist Haley Barbour got 53%, or 377,508 votes, to incumbent pro-life Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove's 45%, or 322,028 votes.

Abortion-Seekers Need Proof

EXPRESS-NEWS, Oct. 31 — If Texas' health board has its way, Lone Star State women seeking abortions will have to provide identification or sign an affidavit to prove their age.

The board proposed the rules for publication in the Texas Register for a 30-day comment period. Board members could consider final action in January.

The rule is part of a settlement in a lawsuit against the state by the pro-life Justice Foundation, said Richard Bays, associate commissioner for consumer health protection at the Texas Department of Health. The foundation had said the state wasn't properly regulating facilities.