ProLife Victories

Happily Married

DAILY MAIL, April 8 — New analysis of existing research shows an increase in the happiness of one spouse can significantly increase the happiness of the other; but only if they are married, reported the British daily. “The same effect is not seen among those who are merely cohabiting.”

The finding is the result of an analysis by the University of Warwick’s Nick Powdthavee of life satisfaction data from the 9,704 people obtained from the British Household Panel Survey.

It showed that the increase in happiness due to the contentment of the spouse had more of an impact — by as much as 30% — than other good aspects of domestic life, like owning your home outright, and compensated for life difficulties such as job loss.

“A recent study in the U.S. tracked 1,500 cohabiting couples found that [those] couples did not depend on each other to the same extent for their happiness,” reported the Daily Mail. “Mr. Powdthavee suggested this was because they tend to be less committed to their relationships.”

Growing Opposition

USA TODAY, April 4 — A recent poll found that opposition to same-sex “marriage” by Americans has reached a high at 68%, according to results of a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

In addition, 57% favored a constitutional amendment enshrining marriage as “between a man and a woman.” In a similar poll last year, only 55% opposed same-sex “marriage,” while only 48% supported a constitutional amendment.

Gallup conducted the national survey of 443 adults March 18 to 20.

Partial Information

DENVER POST, April 6 — Colorado Gov. Bill Owens vetoed a bill that would have forced Catholic health institutions to provide information on the “morning after pill” to rape victims.

Owens and others, including Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, objected to the bill because it did not require that women be told that the drug, typically described as “emergency contraception,” often causes early-term abortions.

“Without informed consent, a woman could innocently violate her personal, moral and religious beliefs about when life begins,” said Owens.

Unborn Victims

NBC25, March 28 — A law making it a separate crime to injure an unborn child passed both houses of the West Virginia legislature by overwhelming majorities and was signed by Gov. Joe Manchin, reported the local NBC affiliate.

This “could not have come at a better time than the Easter season, with its promise of new life,” said Bishop Michael Bransfield of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia’s only Catholic diocese.

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act establishes that an unborn child may be a separate and distinct victim in certain violent crimes. If an unborn child is injured or killed during particular crimes, the assailant may also be charged with that offense on behalf of the child.

Cleaner New York

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, April 13 — A state appeals court has granted New York City a green light to shut down strip clubs and other X-rated businesses operating outside adults-only zones.

The ruling could force 100 such businesses out of residential neighborhoods, forcing many to close.

The city has been trying to quarantine the sex industry for a decade, starting with dramatic zoning changes in 1995 that barred adult entertainment from most neighborhoods.