Education Notebook

Xavier Celebrates 75 Years

XAVIER UNIVERSITY, Feb. 29 — Xavier University of Louisiana is celebrating its 75th anniversary this March with a Mass, jazz brunch and a street dedication. The anniversary officially starts with a special Mass to be celebrated at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on Mar. 19. Mass is followed with a jazz brunch in the French Quarter.

On March 24, Palmetto St. was scheduled to be renamed Drexel Drive, in honor of soon-to-be-saint Katherine Drexel, who founded Xavier University in 1925.

Notre Dame Students See Racism in Arrest

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Mar. 9 — Two off-duty police officers working security at a Denny's restaurant acted improperly when they arrested four black college students over a sign that fell off the wall, restaurant company officials said.

Denny's officials said March 8 they fired the security officers, who allegedly used pepper spray on a handcuffed student and slammed the head of another into a car trunk, bloodying her nose, the AP reported.

“We weren't doing anything,” said April Allen, one of the four Notre Dame students. “What they did was not logical, so you have to think [race] was a factor.”