To Transform Tinselstown

Regarding “Whither Hollywood, Post-Passion” by Jay Dunlap (Commentary, May 9-15):

It would be wonderful if Mel Gibson could make films about the Crusades or the life of St. Patrick, as the column suggests. Let's be realistic. Gibson is a voice in the wilderness. Hollywood is still hostile to Christianity and that is not likely to change.

There is another option. That is for Catholics to form theater companies in every city in America. Writers, directors and actors can pool their talent and stage inspiring works.

We at Quo Vadis did just that. We formed this theater company to put on plays about the great historical figures of the faith. We write and produce our own dramas. The response of the public has been excellent. In fact, our plays have been requested by college theaters in the United States, Canada and Australia.

We believe this grass-roots approach can be a powerful tool in winning the hearts and minds of our youth today. Interested persons can write to Quo Vadis, P.O. Box 9023, San Jose, CA 95157 or phone (408) 282-3530.

Cathal Gallagher

San Jose, California

Quo Vadis Theatre