Summer Break

We send out a new issue of the Register every week of the year, with only two exceptions — the last week in December and the last week in July.

This coincides, of course, with a time of many family vacations — and the time for my own vacation.

I will start and finish my vacation at a lake house that my community uses.

But in between, I will be busy at the Youth and Family Encounter. This year, Atlanta will be home to an annual event that started 10 years ago as a way to bring Regnum Christi members and friends together and to let them share their Christian values and ideals. It gives young people and families, normally separated by great geographical distances, the chance to team up with other members of the movement.

Mindful of the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, who reminds us that “God is love,” the theme of our encounter this year is “Love One Another as I Have Loved You.” 

These events are invigorating for me — truly awesome in the real sense of that overused, misused and abused word.

Thus, my summer break will be very much like the vacationing apostles — they, too, started out on a quiet lakeside, then met with a large group of families.

I pray that, like theirs, my vacation and your own will find us resting in the one place worth resting — in the presence of the Lord.