Selfless Service

Publisher's Note

It has become quite clear that service is close to Pope Francis’ heart. From his words in public addresses and homilies to his actions in St. Peter’s Square (see pages 5 and 7), the Holy Father reaches out to us in our fast-paced, 140-character world — and reminds us of the virtue of simple service.

God raised up Korean War chaplain Father Emil Kapaun as an exemplary model of service. He died in 1951 in a Korean prison camp.

The state has now recognized what the Church has known: that Father Kapaun served his fellow men in a heroic manner. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on April 11 at the White House (see page one). The Church declared him a Servant of God in 1993.

Father Kapaun’s witness to Christ is a model for all of us to follow, especially in these uncertain times in which attempts to redefine even basic morality surround us. Let us remember how Father Kapaun served — and how Pope Francis is leading us to serve.

As Catholics, we know Christ promised he would reward us in heaven. But, as fallen humanity, it’s also heartening to see a well-lived life affirmed here on earth.

God bless you!