Pope, Prophet, 2018 Saint


(photo: EWTN)


Catholics around the world welcomed the news that the Vatican has accepted a second miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Pope Paul VI and that his canonization will take place this year.

The miracle attributed to Paul’s intercession — introduced in 2014 — is the healing of an unborn child in the fifth month of pregnancy.

“Paul VI will be a saint this year,” Pope Francis said Feb. 15 at a meeting with diocesan priests of Rome.

Blessed Pope Paul will be most remembered for his encyclical on the regulation of birth, Humanae Vitae, which will turn 50 in July. In 1968, at the time of its release, the Church and the world were facing the full storm of the sexual revolution. Pope Paul decried the wages of a contraceptive culture — the breakdown of the family, infidelity, moral decline, lost respect for women and an abuse of power. Fifty years later, we see how prophetic his words were and how badly we still need the teachings of Humanae Vitae.

Pope Paul was a pontiff and a prophet for the modern age, and, soon, he will be a saint. Let us all pray for the intercession of soon-to-be Pope St. Paul VI, as we ardently seek the restoration of the family as the bedrock of society.