Publisher's Note

In a year that regrettably brought the redefinition of marriage and the family to the United States and extended the reach of assisted suicide, I nevertheless give thanks to God for his many gifts to the Church — and the countless blessings I have received and witnessed, personally and professionally.

I am truly grateful for the many men and women who, sometimes at great personal cost, continue to publicly oppose the seemingly worldwide descent into moral decay.

In a year where the altering of Jesus’ definitive teaching on marriage was openly promoted by a small group of Church leaders, I am grateful for the vast majority of leaders who charitably but decisively reaffirmed Church teaching.

While the mainstream media sees a Church that is “behind the times,” “intolerant” or “unwelcoming,” I am thankful for a Church that is ever more faithful to the timeless teaching of Jesus Christ — confirmed by the many devout Catholics choosing to serve in the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.

Though the Church’s human elements often stumble, we should give thanks that these moments offer undeniable proof of the supernatural nature of the Church. And, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving — Eucharistia in Greek — may we all take the time to partake of the sacrament for which this uniquely American holiday was named, and thank God for his many graces.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you!