Where Obama Worships

Obama leaves Nov. 16 workout.
Obama leaves Nov. 16 workout. (photo: SPN Photos)

Hint: It’s not at church.

Since his election Nov. 4, President-elect Barack Obama has not attended any church services, according to the Politico website.

On each of the three Sundays since then, he’s headed off to a workout at a Chicago gym, Politico reported Nov. 23.

Politico notes that Obama’s Sunday absenteeism is a sharp contrast to immediate predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who both managed to fit church services into their post-election schedules.

It also renews questions about whether Obama is merely a Christian of convenience. Some political observers made that suggestion during this year’s election campaign, especially after he hastily disavowed his spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, after videos surfaced of controversial sermons Wright delivered at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Obama and his family attended Trinity United Church of Christ for years, but he severed his links to the congregation in June after the Wright controversy erupted saying he didn’t want his “church experience to be a political circus.”

Politico reports that, “A number of Washington, D.C., churches of different denominations and traditions are now competing to become the spiritual home of the new first family.”

An Obama aide told Politico that the First Family looks “forward to finding a church community in Washington, D.C.”

— Tom McFeely