Trump's Problematic Gender Policy in Schools

Teachers may be forced to lie about gender.

President Donald Trump did the country a great favor by withdrawing the Obama administration's looney leftist guidance on the rights of transgender students under Title IX which mandated that transgender students can use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity whims. But Trump didn't just withdraw Obama's memo. The administration issued its own internal memorandum. And as Trump would say - it's...not perfect. Bad.

The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights recently released "Instructions to the Field re Complaints Involving Transgender Students."   The new Memo "does not leave students without protections from discrimination, bullying or harassment" which is all well and good. Nobody wants anyone to be bullied or harassed, right? But the problem arises when you delve deeper into what constitutes harassment which the DOE will investigate as harassment.

The Memo uses this examples:

acts of verbal, nonverbal, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on sex or sex-stereotyping, such as refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronouns when the school uses preferred names for gender-conforming students or when the refusal is motivated by animus toward people who do not conform to sex stereotypes of a transgender student created a hostile environment....

So yeah, public schools have to call boys "girls" if they demand it. So the policy of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is that it will investigate public school teachers and administrators who use biologically accurate pronouns instead of the pronouns transgender students demand.

Liberty Counsel wasn't too thrilled, and issued a release which says, in part:

“Title IX does not require a school district or teacher to call students by false gender pronouns,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Title IX is silent regarding the use of pronouns, and it cannot be a violation to refer to students by pronouns consistent with their actual sex. Requiring false pronoun usage by teachers is a compelled speech violation for teachers and compelling students to participate in a lie violates their right to free speech. I thought we had seen the last of this nonsense coming out of the Department of Education. I call upon Betsy DeVoss to end this new policy,” said Staver.

He's right. Trump's guidance is going to cause big problems. If you're a Christian teacher, are you now compelled to use a gender pronoun you know is factually wrong? Because of this, we will now have teachers being compelled to be anti-science and teach children the opposite of truth due to political correctness.This is what people mean when they say schools are no longer for education but indoctrination.

And if teachers refuse they will be accused of being bullies and harassers and then they will be bullied and harassed by the federal government until they realize the only people that you are allowed to not call by their preferred nomenclature are "pro-lifers."


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