Top 10 Pro-Life Moments of 2020

Reflecting on a year marked by a global pandemic, here are glimpses into some of the most uplifting stories of 2020 that embrace the beauty of life.

Baby Gloria sits on her mother’s lap after graduating from the NICU.
Baby Gloria sits on her mother’s lap after graduating from the NICU. (photo: Marcy Martinez / South Texas Health System)

1. The confirmation of pro-life Catholic mother of 7 Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 

Barrett’s confirmation signals a new direction for the pro-life movement inspiring countless of young women and girls across the country to be proud of their firmly held beliefs on life and family. 


2. A baby was safely born without breaking the amniotic sac due to the mother having coronavirus. 

For the safety of the baby, doctors deliver a baby still confined to the amniotic sac. The little girl was welcomed into the world without the risk of being associated to the coronavirus. Online reports say the mother was suffering with the virus. 

A baby born without breaking the amniotic sac.

3. A teeny-tiny, 2-pound baby born on Leap Day is now growing by leaps and bounds in McAllen, Texas.

Despite doctors saying she had no fighting chance, baby Gloria spent her first weeks of life in an incubator. She gradually continued to develop and grow with the help of round-the-clock care, her mother bringing milk daily for her little one, and lots of prayers. Babies born at 26 weeks weighing only 2 pounds are considered micro-preemies and face a very tough battle to grow and live healthy lives.

Baby Gloria during her first days in the NICU.
Baby Gloria during her first days in the NICU.

4. President Trump becomes the first sitting president to attend the March for Life in-person. 

Speaking to a crowd spanning across a large section of the National Mall, President Trump told the crowd, “All of us here understand an eternal truth: Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God."

President Donald Trump at the 2020 March for Life in Washington, D.C.
President Donald Trump at the 2020 March for Life in Washington, D.C.(Photo: Peter Zelasko)

5. The Charlotte Lozier publishes a report on pro-life pregnancy centers and their amazing impact on communities across the country. 

The report notes more than 2,700 pro-life pregnancy centers around the U.S. that served nearly two million people in 2019, providing nearly $270 million in services.

6. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood decides to remove Margaret Sanger's name from their Manhattan building. 

The Greater New York chapter of Planned Parenthood made headlines this year by removing the name of its founder, Margaret Sanger, unapologetic eugenicist and (up-to-now) liberal heroine, from its flagship facility. 

7. Louisiana voters approved an amendment to exclude ‘right to abortion’ from the state constitution.

State Senator Katrina Jackson, a pro-life Democrat, authored the amendment when she was a state representative, along with dozens of co-sponsors from both parties.

8. Pro-life leaders applaud the pardon of Susan B. Anthony.

On the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump marked the occasion by announcing the President will issue a long-overdue pardon to a hero of the suffrage movement.

During a news conference Aug. 18, President Trump said, “She was never pardoned for voting, that’s right, she was guilty for voting. And we will be signing a full and complete pardon.”

With news of her pardon, Susan B. Anthony is remembered for her pro-life stance.

9. With the news of celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen miscarrying their baby, the world came together for a moment to recognize a life that was indeed lost.

 The emotional post and brutal honesty of the celebrity couple’s pain led to an outpour of love, prayers, and support for the couple whom most of us, let’s face it, don’t really know. But as countless women and families have grieved the loss of a child through miscarriage, the pain brought about a moment of unity on social media as couples and women shared their own experiences, grieving once again for a lost little boy or girl.

10. A new medical report confirms that unborn babies may feel pain before 24 weeks.

 A new study still tugging at the hearts of pro-lifers everywhere found that babies in the womb can feel pain much sooner than the 24-week mark. The study published by the Journal of Medical Ethics claimed clinical research now shows babies can feel pain in the womb as early as 12 weeks.