‘The Thorn’ Brings Christ’s Passion to the Big Screen in a New Way

The musical Passion play comes to the big screen as a Fathom event on March 6 and 7

Movie poster for ‘The Thorn’
Movie poster for ‘The Thorn’ (photo: Fathom Events)

Imagine the drama of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ colliding with the elegance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. That’s what viewers can expect to see in The Thorn, an extravagant musical drama about the life, ministry and death of Jesus.

When The Thorn comes to the big screen as a Fathom event on March 6 and 7, theatergoers will experience Christ’s Passion presented in an explosion of light and dance and imagination. The talented cast includes ballerinas and martial artists, and the show incorporates modern dance and classical ballet, martial arts and aerial performances and pyrotechnics and a revolving stage. 

The Thorn had its beginning 25 years ago not as a movie, but as a stage play. John Bolin, who served as youth pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, first developed the simple play as an illustrated sermon for his group of teens. Bolin reports that his first presentation involved just a few actors with simple makeup and lighting — but the message was effective, and the play was a hit, drawing 10,000 viewers in the first year.

In the ensuing years, the theatrical performance of The Thorn has toured the country — relying on a cast of professional dancers and actors and acrobats, as well as thousands of local volunteers. But like many theatrical performances, the play was sidelined when COVID-19 hit; Bolin decided then to take advantage of the lull in live performances to develop the film version. Opening in 740 theaters across the country, The Thorn will potentially reach an even larger audience.

The Thorn follows the life of Christ, from birth through his death and resurrection. The story is revealed by the apostle John, who was exiled to the island of Patmos during the Roman rule of Domitian in the late first century. John tells the story of Christ’s sacrifice to a young and curious child, Asher.

The Thorn offers a new and inspirational alternative to your usual Lenten meditation. Watch the official trailer and find a theater location near you at the website, thethorn.com