The (Sexual Revolutionary) Beat Goes On

(photo: Shutterstock)

Actor Gary Sinise and Fox TV personality Brett Baier withdrew from their planned participation in a conference of Roman Catholic business leaders, under pressure from the Gay Lobby. You might think this is just another episode of the gay lobby intimidating people they don’t like. But there is more at stake here. This episode is part of the pattern that has allowed the Sexual Revolution to continue with minimal resistance. What’s at stake here is whether ordinary people are allowed to have their own version of their own life stories.

Here is the back-story you may not have heard. Yesterday, Legatus sent a letter to its 5,000 members, which read in part:

I write to inform you that Gary Sinise and Bret Baier, our two headline speakers for the 2015 Summit, have cancelled their appearances.  In concert with their respective advisors, both of their decisions were in reaction to the speaker presence of Paul Darrow, a gentleman who speaks about Same-Sex-Attraction and how the Catholic Church is addressing the needs of such individuals in a sensitive, compassionate manner through an organization called Courage.

Courage helps people who experience same-sex attraction as a permanent part of their personalities, to live a chaste life. Courage makes no claim to “change” people’s patterns of sexual desire so that they consistently desire people of the opposite sex. Some members eventually do experience such changes, some do not.

The goals of Courage are, according to their website, first, “To live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality.” In addition, they strive to improve their prayer lives, offer each other fellowship and support, as well as being good examples and role models for each other.

You might think that no one could possibly object to adults making these choices and gathering together to support one another.

But you would be wrong.

The Gay Lobby needs for you to think that no change is possible for any person who experiences same-sex attraction. Under the Gay Lobby’s view of reality, no one has ever desired to change their behavior or their feelings or their patterns of attraction. No one has ever been harmed by participation in the same-sex lifestyle. No one has ever desired to just do something else, whether for religious reasons, health reasons, or any other reasons.

Paul Darrow, now in his 60s, began with a high-flying career as an international model and a full participant in the “gay lifestyle” portion of the sexual revolution. He presently lives the lifestyle of a joyful Catholic who has experienced God’s mercy and who freely choses to remain celibate.

Do you see why Paul Darrow is such a threat to the Gay Lobby?

This has been the pattern of the sexual revolutionaries from the beginning. There is one and only one story line for people’s lives. If your life does not conform to that story line, you do not exist. You are socially invisible. And God help you if you try to speak out. You will find that dissent from the revolutionary line is costly in public, and maybe even at home.

The first example is no fault divorce. “No-fault divorce allows people to be free. Children are resilient. No one has ever been harmed by divorce.”

If you have been hurt by divorce you don’t exist. If you missed your dad when your parents separated, too bad. If your husband walked out on you and left you for another woman, too bad. If your wife kicked you out and you wanted to be married, too bad. You are socially invisible.

Or how about this one?  “Abortion is a simple medical procedure like having a tooth pulled. No woman ever regrets her abortion.”

So if you have night terrors six months after your abortion, you don’t exist. If you have anniversary grief every year around the time the baby would have been born, you don’t exist. The sexual revolutionaries need for you to not exist. They can’t let a little thing like your lived experience interfere with their grand narrative.

Do you see the pattern? For the Gay Lobby the only acceptable storyline is “once gay, always gay.”

This is why I say there is much more at stake here than Paul Darrow and this one conference. The issue is whether the sexual revolutionary story is the only permissible story.

So, if you were harmed by divorce and you felt that you were socially invisible, please go over to Gary Sinise’s Facebook page and tell him what you think.

If you have health problems from contraception that no one wants to hear about, you too, are a threat to the Sexual revolution. Send Brett Baier an email and tell him what you think.

If you regret your abortion, “like” and “share” this article. Make it go viral. Tell your friends. This bullying by sexual revolutionaries has gone on long enough.

The continued “progress” of the sexual revolution depends on the victims remaining invisible. None of those people exist.

Unless people like us help them tell their stories.