The March for Life Through the Eyes of a Millennial

Despite Roe v. Wade, against the odds, we are all still alive.

(photo: All Photos by Kathryn Mihaliak)

Those here today are the survivors. The March for Life has changed. This isn't just about protecting another family, protecting a country. When we march — when these thousands march — it is because despite Roe vs. Wade, against the odds, we are all still alive. We survived a generation that told us — my fellow millennials and I — that we did not deserve to live.

When you see these young people at the March, remember: this is a generation that has found a dignity, a love, a beauty in themselves which the United States did not, and still does not, recognize.

How is this possible? How can a generation of children, told they are worthless in the eyes of the law, told our children will still be worthless and better off dead, find in themselves something so worthy of love?

How wonderful to be surrounded by so many who love so much.