Sarah Palin Makes a Statement. Again.

Well, this is bound to stick in someone’s craw. Pretty much everything Sarah Palin does seems to, so it might as well be a bold pro-life statement that gets her into trouble this time.

She and daughter Bristol are featured on the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly which hits news stands today. I like the simplicity of the mother-daughter message:

“We’re Glad We Chose Life.”

I don’t often look for much cross-over content between magazines that specialize in celebrity gossip and Faith & Family, but this happens to be a cover even a Catholic family magazine would be proud to print. Here we have two pretty moms with their smiling cutie-pie babies, proudly declaring their joy at having chosen to give these children life, despite their challenging circumstances.

“Though raising an infant has been challenging, Bristol has the unconditional love and support of her family — especially her mother, Sarah Palin. After all, no one can better understand the complicated decision to have a baby under difficult circumstances. Just a year earlier, at the age of 44, Sarah carried her son Trig to term, even though she was told during a sonogram that he would be born with Down syndrome. Now, the mother and daughter are sharing a unique experience— raising baby boys together under the same roof.”

However you feel about Sarah Palin’s politics or personal life, pro-life Catholics have to appreciate the positive, life-affirming message she and her daughter send in this interview.

There is, after all, no shortage of those who do not appreciate such a pro-life message. Who will in fact sneer at it. And roll their eyes.

When it comes to life issues, Sarah Palin certainly seems to annoy all the right people.

I like that in a mom.

HT: Jill Stanek