Pro-Life Doc Offers to 'Help' Abortionist

Here’s a news story you have to read carefully in order to understand exactly what’s going on.

It appears that one of the most publicly pro-life doctors in Fort Wayne, Ind., Ob-Gyn Dr. Geoffrey Cly, has offered to “join forces” with the area’s best-known abortion providers, Dr. George Klopfer:

“Klopfer, an Illinois osteopath who has performed abortions in Fort Wayne for decades, made news earlier this month when he claimed in court to have received a death threat to his unlisted home phone from someone in the Fort Wayne area. The call came after Klopfer challenged the legality of the new county ordinance requiring out-of-town doctors without local hospital admitting privileges to provide emergency contact information. In a statement filed with the court, Klopfer said he has been unable to find a local doctor able to serve as his emergency backup because few have the skill or desire to do so.

But Cly, who practices with Northeast OB-GYN, clearly has the skill. And in a letter to Klopfer, he has now expressed his willingness to serve in that capacity – for free, if necessary.

‘The article in the newspaper said (Klopfer) couldn’t find anybody, so I’m sending the letter to let him know I’m here. The goal is to improve the quality of care in Fort Wayne. There are no other motives,’ said Cly, who first advocated the county’s ordinance two years ago and has testified in support of similar legislation in the state General Assembly. Cly said he has treated at least two women for serious complications after abortions performed by Klopfer.”

Of course Cly is concerned with women’s health. And of course he would treat any patient referred to him with post-abortion complications. But that’s not what’s behind this offer.

As the linked article puts it, “If this were poker, Cly’s offer might be seen as calling his opponent’s bluff. After all, Klopfer, Planned Parenthood and other defenders of abortion on demand would oppose the county’s new law regardless of Klopfer’s ability to find emergency medical help.”

Good for Dr. Cly. His offer forces Klopfer, Planned Parenthood, and any other abortion proponents who oppose the ordinance state their real reasons for opposing it.

There’s no room now for political posturing or fake excuses. Dr. Cly has made a reasonable offer in answer to Klopfer’s cry for help. Now we’ll just wait to see if he gets a reasonable response in return.