Priestly Confraternity Grateful to Synod for Affirming Church Teaching

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The British Confraternity of Catholic Clergy have expressed gratitude to the fathers of the Synod on the Family for "affirming, in a climate of challenge and confusion, Christ's unchanging teachings and the Church's constant doctrine" regarding marriage, the family and human sexuality. 

They also pledged to help remarried divorcees discern the will of God in their lives, but to do so never "detached" from "truth and the charity of the Gospel proposed by the Church", as the synod recalled. 

The confraternity, whose U.S. branch is headed by EWTN host Fr. John Trigilio, is an association of 600 priests and deacons in anglophone countries that is "pledged to the pursuit of personal holiness, loyalty to the Roman Pontiff, commitment to theological study and strict adherence to the authentic teachings of the Magisterium." 

Here below is the confraternity's statement. 


Feast of Ss Simon & Jude, Apostles Wednesday 28th October 2015

The British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, at our Annual Colloquium, in St Edmund’s College, Ware, expresses gratitude to the Fathers of the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod on “the Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and in the contemporary world”, for affirming, in a climate of challenge and confusion, Christ’s unchanging teachings and the Church’s constant doctrine regarding marriage, the family, and the true meaning and purpose of human sexuality. We particularly appreciate their upholding the importance of the family as the foundation of civilisation, confirming marriage as an indissoluble union between one man and one woman, affirming the teaching of Humanae Vitae on the essential procreative nature of the marriage act, and the brave refusal to accept the ideological colonization of those who promote same-sex unions. We are certain that thus remaining in the truth of Christ will bear great fruit for the Church and for souls.

We continue to pledge ourselves to proclaim the beauty of marital love, of supporting faithful families in their courageous witness, and in encouraging and accompanying those who have been wounded by our broken culture, to be healed and made strong again in Christ.

We recognise the special concern shown by the Synod Fathers for the divorced and civilly remarried. We pledge ourselves to minister to those in this situation, according to the mind of Christ, and the Law of his Gospel. As pastors, we strive to help them discern the will of God in their lives, as the Synod has recalled: 'this discernment can never be detached from the exigencies of truth and the charity of the Gospel proposed by the Church'. The discipline of the Sacraments, especially the Most Holy Eucharist, must faithfully reflect the Church's solemn doctrinal teaching. We express relief that the Synod Fathers did not heed attempts to separate doctrine from sacramental and pastoral practice.

Finally, in ministering to all the families and individuals entrusted to our care, we note the special value of the magisterium of Pope St John Paul II, and, in particular, his Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio. We remain committed to the great work of being joyful Ministers of God’s Mercy, and pledge ourselves to faithfully follow the bold but gentle example of the Good Shepherd who never abandons His sheep.