Prayers for Politicians

Here’s another Internet-based prayer campaign, launched today on the feast of St. Thomas More.

It’s a campaign to pray for the conversion to pro-life of pro-abortion federal politicians, initiated by the One Nation Under God organization:

The campaign features an interactive screen that allows you to choose among offering Masses, decades of the Rosaries, Divine Mercy chaplets, a prayer to Our Lady of America Patroness, and sacrifices, and to commit to offering these prayers for the conversion of a specific pro-abortion Catholic politician.

From this page at the One Nation Under God website:

Through the spiritual gifts of our Catholic faith we invite you to join our Prayer Campaign for the Conversion of our Catholic Politicians who hold such great influence over the lives of the innocent. Specifically, we ask that you adopt a Catholic member of Congress and pledge a daily spiritual devotion for their enlightenment and for the continued inspiration of their bishop.

Through prayer we call on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide our Catholic brothers and sisters toward a more profound understanding and appreciation for human life.  May He assist them in defending life in all its stages — therefore transforming the ‘culture of death,’ as described by John Paul II, into a ‘culture of life.’