Planned Parenthood Distressed By Dead Babies

Apparently, the body of a newborn baby girl was found on the doorstep of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Winston-Salem, NC over the weekend.

Testing confirms that this baby Jane Doe was born alive, and some think that she might have been left on the steps in a mistaken attempt to make use the NC infant abandonment laws which allow for infants to be left at “safe” locations and taken into custody of the state with no questions asked. These laws are meant to protect the lives of newborn babies born to frightened teens or unstable mothers of any kind. There are no legal consequences for abandoning a 7-day-old or younger infant at one of these centers.

It is unclear whether or not this particular Planned Parenthood clinic is one of the approved centers participating in the North Carolina “‘safe haven” program. Either way, workers there apparently were distraught to find a lifeless infant on their doorstep.

Reed said this is the first time that a dead infant has been placed outside of a Planned Parenthood office in North Carolina. She said counseling was being made available to employees who came to work Saturday.

Did you catch the nauseating line above? Counseling is being made available. Because some Planned Parenthood workers might have endured the emotional distress of coming into contact with a dead baby they did not intend to come into contact with. The dead babies they produce daily in their clinic are fine—no counseling needed there—because those are dead babies produced by “choice.”

At least I think that’s their line of thinking. It’s hard for me to follow the “logic” here.

Jill Stanek had this to say:

But back to PP, why in the world would staff need counseling in the death of a born baby when they routinely abort babies into the 2nd trimester and not to worry, “can still help” mothers pregnant beyond 16 weeks with abortion referrals?

So had the mother of this dead born baby come to the Winston-Salem PP only one day prior for an abortion, the same staff would have helped her get one. The “counseling was being made available” was a line of bull. I’m confident in actuality PP does not want employees to explore their feelings about dead babies.

Precisely. If Planned Parenthood workers are emotionally distressed by the idea of dead babies, perhaps they should stop making them.