Pentecost Latin Mass


One day after being ordained by Archbishop Allan Vigneron of Detroit, Father Charles Charles White IV celebrated his first Mass in Latin on Pentecost Sunday.

A hat tip to Diane Korzeniewski of the Te Deum laudamus blog for informing us about the event, and for allowing us to repost a photo from her blog entry about Father White’s first Mass.

It took place at Diane’s home parish of Assumption Grotto in Detroit. The Te Deum post features a nice slide show of 140 pictures taken during the Mass.

Diane suggests this could be the first case of a diocesan priest in the United States choosing to celebrate his first Mass in Latin since Pope Benedict encouraged wider celebration of the Mass in the extraordinary form in Latin in his July 2007 motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum.

Even if it isn’t, the Assumption Grotto Mass is certainly an indication of a positive American response to the Pope’s desire that more Masses should be celebrated in the extraordinary form.