Parish Dos and Don’ts From Millennials, Why You Should Say No To Organ Donating, and More!

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Catholic Parish Dos & Don’ts From Millennials - Tom Hoopes at Aleteia  +1

Why You Should Say No To Being An Organ-Donor - Fr. David Nix at Pilgrim Priest +1

“One of the Worst Crises in the History of the Catholic Church” - Julia Meloni at Crisis Magazine

Fr. Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press & Mark Brumley Comment on Letter Charging Pope Francis With Heresy - Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith

Peter’s Pence & You: Action Item - Fr. Z's Blog

Prodigally Cheap Grace? - Nick Chui at Ignitum Today

Pope Francis, What Will The Curia Reform Look Like? - Andrea Gagliarducci at Monday Vatican

St. Albert the “Great Fundraiser” - Brice Sokolowski at

Reflections on the Cathedral of Notre-Dame Ablaze: Behold Your Mother - Suellen Brewster at Catholic Stand

Bermuda, Bahama. . . Come On Pretty Mama! - Meghan Ashley Styling

Why Can’t We Get Enough Superheroes?: Our Need for Adventure – St. Paul Center

Dazzling Spiritual Coming Attractions - Deacon Greg Lambert at Catholic Stand

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