Nominee for Ambassador to Vatican Post Remains Silent

The Washington Times’ religion editor, Julia Duin, reports that U.S. ambassador to the Vatican nominee Miguel Diaz remains a closed book.

Following his confirmation hearings Tuesday, Diaz made only one public comment to reporters and posed for a family photo.

Duin described that as a “bad sign.” She went on to predict how Diaz might conduct his years at the Holy See.

“Like the president, he’ll allow interviews with ‘safe’ Catholic publications who won’t throw him any hardballs, such as how he reconciles the Catholic Church’s position on abortion, stem-cell research, etc. with that of the president,” said Duin. “As to what his personal views on ‘life’ issues, it doesn’t sound like we’ll get that answer any time soon.”

The Cuban-born Diaz serves as theology professor at St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict in central Minnesota. During Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, Diaz served as a member of Obama’s Catholic advisory group. According to public records, Diaz donated $1,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign last fall. In 2006, he served as theological consultant to the Catholic Alliance for the Common Good.