Movie Continues to Save Lives

It’s not often that a work of art has an eternal impact, but three years after the world first heard about the motion picture Bella, when it won the Toronto International Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award, the film is continuing to change and save the lives of others.

At least 70 babies’ lives have been saved by the film. It gives new meaning to the Jewish expression: “If you’ve saved one life, you’ve saved the world entire.”

Within the first year after its release in the fall of 2007, the filmmakers were aware of at least 15 babies who had been threatened by abortion, whose mothers decided for life after seeing the movie. Now, through the efforts of Bella Hero and Bella on Campus, placing the film and Behind Bella book in crisis-pregnany centers nationwide, upwards of 70 babies have been saved.

“These are just those that have been reported,” said Tracey Reynolds, who is working with Jason Jones on the Bella Hero project. “We’re currently working with 150 crisis-pregnancy centers.”

Now, with the release of a Spanish-language version of my book Behind Bella, the book and film can be used with centers that serve a predominantly Hispanic clientele.

“The Bella Hero program is hands down the best method to achieve what has been the greatest mission of Bella — saving lives,” said Bella producer Leo Severino. “I can’t think of a better way to reach the target audience for the film —  women in crisis pregnancies, as soon as they find out their pregnant and before they’ve made a decision.”