Kmiec's Contradictions

Barack Obama at Planned Parenthood conference.
Barack Obama at Planned Parenthood conference. (photo: WENN)

Pepperdine law professor Doug Kmiec has earned widespread criticism from prominent Catholics for claiming faithful Catholics can vote for Barack Obama.

Kmiec, who is backing Obama despite his 100% pro-abortion record, says such criticism is unjustified.

He might find it harder to dismiss the arguments of one other prominent Catholic: himself.

In this entry on his Catholic Key blog, Jack Smith excerpted comments from four columns,  written since the start of 2007 by a prominent Catholic commentator, that undermine Kmiec’s claim that Catholics can vote in good conscience for Obama.

Which Catholic columnist, Smith asks readers, wrote these articles?

“And the answer is — Doug Kmiec — apologist in chief for the position that voting for a candidate who promises to repeal every law curtailing abortion and to place only Roe supporting judges on the Supreme Court is a vote for the unborn.”

— Tom McFeely