In 60 Seconds: Despicable Me 2! Lone Ranger! More!

The latest season of “Reel Faith” is going strong—we’ve just wrapped our seventh episode, airing tonight, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I think it may be one of our best. David and I rip into The Lone Ranger and talk about Steve Carrell’s summer, from Despicable Me 2 to The Way, Way Back.

There’s nothing like “Reel Faith” on Catholic TV, and I hope you’ll check us out tonight at 8pm EDT (watch NET live). If you’ve enjoyed our show—or our 60 Second Reviews—do me a favor and stop by the Reel Faith Show Facebook page and either leave us a message, or click “like,” or both. Your support helps the show, and helps me. Thanks! 

Either way, enjoy the 60s! (For more 60s, including dueling views on Man of Steel, see our last batch of 60s. And don’t miss my Very, Very Little Movie Glossary!)

Despicable Me 2 (SDG)


The Lone Ranger (DD)


World War Z (SDG)


The Bling Ring (DD)


Copperhead (DD)


This is the End (DD)