How To Be Politically Incorrect and Prosper, The Return of English Catholicism, and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

How To Be Politically Incorrect and Prosper - Donald T. DeMarco Ph.D., Truth and Charity Forum

Why the Ordinariate; The Return of English Catholicism – Fr. Ed, Father Ed’s Blog

God Can Heal Even the Worst Cases of Family Rivalry, Jealousy or Betrayal – Nancy Jo Sullivan, Catholic Lane

The Need for Intentional Silence in the Mass – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy

The Miracle and the Hope: Cardinal Kung’s Requiem and Burial – Roseanne Sullivan, Catholic Pundit Wannabe

Art: A Glimpse into the Beauty of God – Alaine DeSantis, Catholic Stand

Do You Know What Catholics Absolutely Must Believe? Take the Quiz! - Theresa Williams, epicPew

Theft, Charity, and Virtue Signaling – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

Martin Luther: Defender of Erroneous Conscience – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine

Catholics and New Age, the Occult, and Witchcraft – Wendy McMahan, Catholic Stand

College Students Don’t Believe Religious Freedom is for Christians – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

There Is No Such Thing as a Christian Doormat – Nick Chui, Ignitum Today

My Take on Pope Francis’s Remarks to Chilean Bishops Condemning Communion for Remarried – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

The Unlikely Saga of Church Militant’s Christine Niles: Saigon, Surfing, and Beyond - Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine

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