Help for Healing, and a Hopeful Sign, in South Bend Abortionist Case

Following the 2016 suspension of his license, abortionist Ulrich Klopfer began visiting an adoration chapel opened by Catholic pro-lifers.

The abortionist Ulrich Klopfer admitted in court in 2016 to aborting some 50,000 babies at his businesses in Indiana. Following his death earlier this month, the medically preserved remains of 2,246 of these tiny victims were found among his belongings in his Illinois home.


Help for Forgiveness and Healing

As horrifying as this discovery is for all of us, it is much worse for the mothers who aborted their babies at Klopfer’s clinics. Many of these moms have since come to regret their abortions, and knowing their children’s bodies could be part of Klopfer’s macabre display can force them to relive their abortion experiences.

For those who have not come to terms with that experience and sought healing, the grief can be crippling.

Since 2002, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, which I co-founded with Anglicans for Life President Georgette Forney, has been working with women who have had abortions. We know that moms who regret their abortions can suffer emotionally for years and even decades until they can acknowledge the source of their pain and seek healing. In a situation like this, we can’t forget those who are reliving the trauma of their abortion, no matter how long ago it was.

Programs like Rachel’s Vineyard have helped more than 100,000 women find solace and comfort in an environment that supports them while honoring their lost children.

As we did in 2015, when the Center for Medical Progress began releasing undercover videos revealing that Planned Parenthood was harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies, the Campaign is reaching out to all mothers, fathers and extended family members who might be experiencing regret, anxiety, nightmares, and deep grief after learning about the babies Klopfer kept at his home.

We want to share a message of God’s mercy, healing and forgiveness for anyone who is suffering from the loss of a child to abortion. At  visitors can enter a ZIP code and find a list of healing resources in their communities.

To be pro-life means to be pro-woman. It doesn’t mean that we love the babies and we forget about the mothers. What it means is very simple: We love them both. We protect them both. We welcome and care for them both.

This is not the first time those involved in abortion were found to have been collecting the bodies of their victims.

Kermit Gosnell, now serving a life sentence for killing babies who survived abortion, kept bodies and body parts in his Philadelphia “house of horrors.” In the 1980s in California, the bodies of more than 16,000 abortion victims were found in a shipping container on the property of a former medical lab owner.


Abortionist Began Visiting Adoration Chapel Before Death

Klopfer’s Indiana license was suspended in 2016. Soon after, he began visiting an adoration chapel opened by Catholic pro-lifers who were instrumental in that license suspension.

“He has sat in the chapel,” Shawn Sullivan told Priests for Life in 2018. Sullivan was integral in the creation of the Apostolate of Divine Mercy Chapel in Service of Human Life, which opened in 2012 right next door to Klopfer’s South Bend, Indiana, abortion business. “We compiled evidence that led to the revocation of his business and his license, and now he helps trim the trees. He converses with us regularly, including today. Fr. Krause blessed him last week. He’s considerably changed now. He is on a road.”

Sullivan told Church Militant this week that Klopfer was at the center just a few days before his death.

“It was clear he was transforming,” Sullivan said. “But to what end, I have no idea.”