Good Fridays: More Babies, less Boxers

Good stuff:

Online Catechesis - The Diocese of Sacramento is partnering with My Catholic Faith Delivered to offer online faith formation and catechist training/certification. Now we’re talking.

Reel Love Challenge - Cool contest to promote life-long love and Marriage. You can win money and/or a flip camera. Nice idea from the Ruth Institute.

Mother Teresaisms - Here’s an app for the android that gives you Mother Teresa quotes. There are also a number of similar kinds of apps easily found in the iPhone app store.

Angelus Online - Angelus Press has a nice looking new website for their online mag.

Reaching Individuals in a Social Media Age - This is a nice little presentation created by Angela Santana on Social Media as a resource for the Church to reach individuals. It’s a free and easy to use/share presentation that might be useful to your parish or organization.

Catholic Reality TV - CatholicTV has a reality show called “House+Home” where they take viewers into Catholic homes and show how Catholic families live out their faith. One of the upcoming episodes stars a family of a single mom with eleven children. Sounds worth tuning in to!

50,000 Deliveries - Holy Family Hospital, located in the Holy Land, is about to celebrate their 50,000 birth! Located only 500 yards from the traditional birthplace of Jesus and run by the Order of Malta, Holy Family Hospital is dedicated to serving the poor and destitute with the best of care and to always having “room in the inn” for mother in need. Their story sounds pretty impressive.

Regional Catholic Media Groups - I’ve noticed a couple regional Catholic media groups starting to come together. This is great! I’ve seen one for Atlanta. And I also found this for Austin. Collaboration in these kinds of local groups is just what we need to keep moving Catholic Media forward. I hope this trend continues.

GRNAlive - Unfortunately, the radio show, GRNAlive, was recently canceled. Of course, this is not “good” at all. But those who worked on the show should be commended for their efforts and the great work they did using new media to promote and produce a totally rockin’ Catholic radio show. I was honored to be an early guest on their show and was very impressed with everything they did.

Amendment 62 in Colorado - This will be an important vote to watch and pray for (and vote for if you’re in Colorado). It’s a state amendment that would grant legal rights to “pre-born children.” And while it may be a difficult victory and it would likely be over-turned by the federal court, it is these kinds of continual challenges, victories and steps forward that repeatedly reveal the Truth of this important issue and will eventually bring justice.

Defeating Barbara Boxer - Anything that gets Barbara Boxer out of office is likely a very worthy cause. And Thomas Peters ( is headed on a 10-day, 42 stop, 2500 mile road trip across California to remind voters (particularly Latino voters) to vote their well-formed conscience and to support life, marriage, etc. It’s the time of year, folks.

Voices of the CNMC - If you haven’t yet checked out the video interviews I did from the 2010 CNMC…I’ve got all of the videos up, including some fun outtakes, in a single post now. Lots of wisdom shared throughout those videos from some amazing bloggers, podcasters and radio show hosts.

Have a great weekend and a good Friday everyone!

Good Fridays is a periodic series highlighting some good things going on in the Church - especially those using new media or innovative ideas to more effectively live out the mission of the Church.