9 Favorite Faith-Based Book Series for Young Readers

Here’s a great collection of book series that have saint, faith or virtue-based themes.

L to R: Book covers of ‘The Saints Chronicles,’ ‘Courage in the Colosseum’ from The Virtue Adventures, and the ‘Secret of the Hidden Scrolls’ series
L to R: Book covers of ‘The Saints Chronicles,’ ‘Courage in the Colosseum’ from The Virtue Adventures, and the ‘Secret of the Hidden Scrolls’ series (photo: Sophia Institute Press / Good & True Media)

I love being able to put fun, faith-filled books into the hands of my voracious young readers. I compiled this list to help parents and teachers match kids with some great series of books that have saint, faith or virtue-based themes. They are all wholesome reads that will entice your child to read the next one in the series.

The Mary Fabyan Windeatt Saint Story Collection: This series was worth every penny. I often read these along with my kids and I don’t think I’ve found a story yet that doesn’t bring me to tears. They are beautifully told, and my kids have been so inspired by the stories of these saints and have learned so much about their lives in reading them. The books have instigated new devotions in our home as well!

Sisters of the Last Straw by Karen Kelly Boyce: This funny series, featuring a group of misfit nuns and their adventures, focuses on the virtues of Gospel living and the frailty of human nature. You will find my children laughing out loud while reading these delightful books.

The Virtue Adventures by Brian Gallagher: A delightful combination of virtue teaching, adventure story and history. My children can’t wait for more in the series.

The Saint Chronicles: These amazing books from Sophia Institute Press bring the stories of courageous saints to life in graphic novel style. Both the boys and the girls in this home can’t get enough of these books.

The Prince Martin Epic by Brandon Hale: Though the stories are not explicitly Catholic, the author is, and the adventures are filled with intrigue and implicit lessons on virtue and true heroism. Children will love the rhyming verse, fast-paced action, and Jason Zimdars’ illustrations.

The Chime Travelers by Lisa Hendey: These are fun-filled, time-travel adventures with a Catholic message. Kids go to long-ago times and faraway lands, with prayers and a short bio to introduce children to a major saint’s life and legend.

The Adventures of Nick and Sam by Paul McCusker: The series follows Catholic twins Nick and Sam as they experience Catholic culture and live their lives at home, church and school. Readers are prompted to think about the consequences of words and actions.

Though these series have no explicit Catholic ties that I’m aware of, my kids have also enjoyed the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series by M.J. Thomas, time-traveling chapter books that bring books of the Bible to life, and the Cul-De-Sac Kids Collection by Beverly Lewis, cataloging the funny, wholesome tales of neighborhood friends who learn the treasures of friendship and faith.

Click here for a visual list of most of the titles featured in the article.

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