Do You Want to Ask Fr. Barron a Question?

Now’s your chance. I have the honor of getting to interview Fr. Barron a couple of weeks from now. A big part of the interview is going to include questions asked by YOU.

You can submit a question either by sending an email with your question or by recording yourself on video asking the question directly to Fr. Barron.

Here are some guidelines for submission:

1) Anyone can submit a question. If you have a blog/ministry/website you’d like to promote along with your question, be sure to include that in written form with your submission email.

2) Only the best questions will be chosen to actually be included in the interview. (Hint: Questions recorded on video are more likely to be chosen.)

3) The questions should be related to the CATHOLICISM project or some tangential connection to using media to share our faith. Ultimately, I will consider any question if it is just that good of a question.

4) Questions must be submitted by April 15, 2011 (that’s 9 days from now).

5) Keep your questions as short and to the point as possible. Have fun. Be creative. Be YOU.

You can email your question to me (whether written or on video). My email address can be found using the “Email Me” link over on the right sidebar here on this page. Another option is to upload your video on youtube (or Facebook or wherever) and email me the link. Also, feel free to simply ask your question to Fr. Barron (or share a link to it) in the comment section of this post. That will count as a submission as well.

If you have to email the actual video file and it’s too big to email, let me know and we’ll work out a way to get it.

Thanks so much for your participation and your questions for Fr. Barron! I look forward to hearing them and to hearing Fr. Barron’s responses to them.