Dead Baby Pills? Seriously.

Just in case you're not already sufficiently horrified by the 21st century yet, this story's for you. 

News outlets are reporting that thousands of capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies have been seized by South Korean customs officials.

There are two logical followup question to this kind of insanity? The first of which is, of course, “I'm sorry, did you just say ‘dead baby pills?”

The second is “Did the words 'dead baby pills' seriously just crawl out your mouth?”

And then after this horror has found a comfortable cranial wrinkle in which to nest, you might just ask, “Why?”

You see, dead babies are thought “by some” to be a viable cure for disease or at least stamina boosters, if you know what I mean.

Man, sex and dead babies just go together, huh? Think of the vicious circle-ness of it all. You pop some dead baby pills in order to "perform" and unintentionally impregnate a girl you have no intention of taking care of so you unintentionally create...more dead babies -- to be sold at a convenient black market close to you. 

That’s an odd thing but that’s not even the oddest thing about this story. Korean customs said they’ve witnessed 35 smuggling attempts of the capsules in less than a year. But here’s the thing -- the capsules were confiscated by customs but it was reported that “no one was punished because the amount was deemed too small for criminal charges.”

Wait, what?  They didn’t have “enough” dead baby flesh on them in order for it to be considered a crime? Is that even a thing? That means there’s a legal limit of dead baby flesh you can pass through customs.

Now, we can turn up our nose on these primitive screwballs who grind up dead babies into powder for some purpose they deem as good but I would ask, how is this different from us advanced types approving of embryonic stem cell research that takes the life of embryos for some supposed good that might maybe someday maybe possibly cause some good.

It's not different. It's not different at all.

But let’s say that it turned out that dead baby pills were actually awesome for something. Let's posit that as a given for a sec. Say the pills stopped wrinkles. How much you want to bet nursery schools would become empty pretty quick, if you know what I mean. Or let’s just say that dead baby pills cured some terrible disease. Let’s say it worked like a charm and without side effects (other than dead baby). How many of us in America today would stand against it? I’m betting the number would be smaller than you think. Who wants to bet?