Cartoon: ‘Life Is Beautiful’

‘The Catholic Cartoon’ marks the Dobbs anniversary.

‘Life Is Beautiful’
‘Life Is Beautiful’ (photo: Joshua Masterson / Joshua Masterson)


Post-Roe Cartoon 2024
‘Life Is Beautiful’(Photo: Joshua Masterson)
Jan van Kessel the Elder, “Still Life of Flowers and Grapes Encircling a Monstrance”, ca. 1670

Real Presence, Catholic Cartoonist (Aug. 17)

A recent Pew study on the Holy Eucharist that found that only one-third of Catholics believe in the Real Presence. How did we reach this point, and what can we do about it? This week on Register Radio we talk to Register Correspondent Peter Jesserer Smith. Also, in an age where comedy seems dead, what is a Catholic cartoonist to do? We find out when we talk to Register cartoonist Patrick Cross.