Calling All Gosnells: NY Hearts You

Calling all Gosnells. If you are disgusting murderous abortionist or even just an out-of-work plumber looking to up your body count, New York wants you to know that you are welcome here.

According to the new law being actively pushed by 'Catholic in good standing' Gov. Andrew Cuomo, you will no longer need to be a doctor to perform abortions in New York State. That's right. You don't even need to be a medical professional to perform abortions in NY. The killing fields are wide open.

Now some might say that this opens up a can of worms, what what with all the non-qualified killers out there doing the state-sanctioned killing. But NY has that covered too. Governor Cuomo's new law would immunize the killers from prosecution. Ed Mechmann at the Archdiocese on NY website breaks it down.

    This silence is very significant, when taken together with the following provision in the bill:

    “No prosecution or proceeding shall be brought or maintained under the penal law or otherwise for acts that are authorized or permitted pursuant to this section or by this chapter and the education law” (emphasis added)

    To understand the incredible breadth of this simple sentence, you have to know that the Health Department, acting under wide authority granted to it by the Education Law, can define the proper “scope of practice” for health professionals. It can also enact wide-ranging regulations that govern surgical and medical activities. Those determinations are not reviewable by courts, and do not have to be ratified by the Legislature. The decision would be made by bureaucrats in Albany, accountable to nobody. They wouldn’t even have to publish regulations for the public to see — they routinely make such decisions by private letter rulings given to interested parties.

    As a result, this sweeping provision would give the Health Department the unlimited authority to permit anyone — even non-health professionals — to do abortions. It would immunize any such non-doctor abortionist from any criminal prosecution (like practicing medicine without a license), or any kind of civil proceeding (including an action for professional misconduct). That means abortion with impunity for those favored by the Health Department.

Further, the bill would allow the abortionist to kill any child at any point in pregnancy if the child is deemed not 'viable' by the paid killer, but leaves the determination of viability undefined and completely at the discretion of the paid killer.

This bill is nothing more than an open invitation to all would be Gosnells of this world that New York is the home for them.