Are These the True Faces of Sts. Peter and Paul; New Book On Discerning Your Vocation; and More!

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Saint Peter
Saint Peter (photo: Aleteia)

Are These the True Faces of Saint Peter & Saint Paul? - Jesús Colina, Aleteia+++

A New Book On Discerning Your Personal Vocation & How to Make It Happen – David Clayton, New Liturgical Movement

Daily Mass Attendance: Is There an Upward Trend? – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Celibacy Does Not Cause Clergy Scandals – Jason Craig, Those Catholic Men

Cardinal Nichols: ‘The Church Must Not Try to Hide Major Failings’ – Catholic Herald

Why Email is the Hottest Trend in Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski,

7 Ways You Can Support the Pro-Life Movement in a Culture of Death – Emily Shaw, Catholic Link

Beyond the Stripes: 5 Style Insights from Living 5 Months in France – Meghan Ashley Styling on Fashion for Catholics

Stay-at-Home Moms & Depression: Four Things to Know – Gregory Popcak M.D., Catholic Exchange

Are These The Actual Footprints of Jesus Christ? – Billy Ryan, uCatholic

Fr. Tom Reese Wants You To Vote Pro-Abortion – Fr. Z’s Blog

Artificial Birth Control, Sexual Revolution, & Modern Collapse of Morality – Scott Pauline, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

3 Problems Surrounding American Catholic Youth Ministry – Theresa Williams, epicPew

Cardinal Müller: We are Experiencing Conversion to the World, Instead of to God – The Catholic World Report

Canadian Bishops: Marijuana Use is Sinful, Despite Legalization – Deborah Gyapong, Catholic Herald

The Vatican & Red China’s Unceasing Negotiations – Sandro Magister, Settimo Cielo

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