We don't march to get kudos or to signal virtue. We don't march to get on television or radio or prove our commitment to standing up for the innocent, and serving the poor. We don't march to be popular or perceived as sufficiently Christian, or Catholic. We don't march to be comfortable.

We don't march to show our power as a voting bloc. We don't march to promote a political party. We don't march to show our loyalty to a candidate. We don't march to fit in with the cool kids, either on the internet or in reality.

Why do we march?

We march to remind everyone of the anniversary of a court decision which has facilitated 60 million decisions to say no to love, no to sacrifice, and no to the invisible poor. We march for all those lost to Plan B, for all those lost to IUD's, for all those lost to chemical abortions, and for all those destroyed through surgical abortion. We march for all the women traumatized by past decisions to abort, or pressured to do so, or who regret, and the men who could not protect these women and their children or did not realize, they should. We march for the doctors and nurses and assistants and advocates who assist in such acts, hoping one day, there will be an army of Pauls, where there were Sauls.

We march to remind ourselves, we're the hands and feet that must do the labor, providing shelter, warmth, food, medicine, and companionship to those who think their only options when faced with the prospect of caring for a new human being, is the destruction of that child before any human heart becomes too attached. We march to show the world, we're willing to attach our hearts to the unwanted, we're willing to attach our lives, our time, our treasure and our every day, to being a family to those who dare to grow into a bigger one.

We need to attach our hearts to those who consider this option, so they won't feel so alone — so they won't be so alone. The notion that it “takes a village” to raise a child, doesn't go far enough. It takes all of us being a family. We march to remind ourselves to be a family. We march for the conversion of all hearts to a society which is pro-living, and thus nurtures all humans from conception to natural death. All human life is sacred. There are no exceptions.

This is an ongoing struggle that will only be won one heart at a time. While law and legislation reflect the sensibilities of society, all progress and victories in pro-life ministry are not the result of princes in power or judges in court, but of the Holy Spirit pouring himself out onto the world and winning back souls to Heaven. We march because we want the world to become more pro-life, and that only happens through the witness of love.